High School Course Requirements for College Entrance

All colleges strongly recommend a varied, in-depth, academic course of study.

Students should take as many “core” courses as possible: English, mathematics, science, social studies and world language. All student schedules should contain creative arts and skill courses to complement core studies.

Applications for admission to Washington 2-year and 4-year institutions are available on-line or from your counselor. Admission forms for out-of- state colleges must be obtained on-line or by writing to the admissions office of that institution. Complete the application forms and make arrangements with the counselor to send a transcript. Transcripts should be requested from the School Registrar.

The state supported four-year colleges generally require a 2.5 or higher grade average for your 9th, 10th and 11th grades. Private colleges often have no specific grade average requirements, but the higher your grades— so long as these grades are in academic courses — the greater your chances of being accepted and succeeding when enrolled. Community colleges in Washington require that you have a high school diploma and have passed a replacement test.

The following sample is considered a strong college preparatory schedule in the State of Washington:

Recommended Courses
English 4 years
College Preparatory Math (through 2nd year Algebra or higher) 4 years
Science (2 years laboratory) 3 years
World Language 3 years
Social Studies 3.5 years
Arts 1 year
Additional Electives from the above areas 1-1/2 full years